Hamric & Hanson's Advanced Practice Nursing, 7th Ed.

Hamric & Hanson's Advanced Practice Nursing, 7th Ed.

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Book, 808 pages, 2023

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Hamric & Hanson's Advance Practice Nursing, 7th Ed.

This book provides a clear, comprehensive, and contemporary introduction to advanced practice nursing today, addressing all major APRN competencies, roles, and issues. Thoroughly revised and updated, the 7th edition of this bestselling text covers topics ranging from the evolution of advanced practice nursing to evidence-based practice, leadership, ethical decision-making, and health policy.

Key Features:

Coverage of the full breadth of APRN core competencies defines and describes all competencies, including direct clinical practice, guidance and coaching, evidence-based practice, leadership, collaboration, and ethical practice.

Operationalizes and applies the APRN core competencies to the major APRN roles: the Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (both adult-gerontology and pediatric), the Certified Nurse-Midwife, and the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Content on managing APRN environments addresses factors such as business planning and reimbursement; marketing, negotiating, and contracting; regulatory, legal, and credentialing requirements; health policy; and nursing outcomes and performance improvement research.

Future Technologies Influencing APRN Practice chapter highlights and guides APRNs to assess and critique technology applications and practices in areas such as technology-assisted communication; diagnostic, therapeutic, and procedural devices, and apps; clinical decision support and analytics; and cybersecurity.

Improved full-color graphic design and increased illustrations promote learning and ease of use.

ISBN #: 9780323777117

Authors: M. Tracy, E. O'Grady, S. Phillips