The Growth and Development of Nurse Leaders, 2nd Ed.

The Growth and Development of Nurse Leaders, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 285 pages, 2019

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The Growth and Development of Nurse Leaders, 2nd Ed.

Written by an acclaimed nurse leader, scholar, and author, this prizewinning book delivers an inspiring first-person narrative to help nurses at all career levels embrace and hone their leadership potential. The second edition expands on the original with updated material and five new chapters that focus on the dynamics of today’s healthcare environment. It addresses the complexity of our evolving healthcare system and aligns with new initiatives being championed by key nursing organizations.

It discusses the personal qualities required of a good leader, the value of attaining self-knowledge, sustaining career optimism in the face of failure, orchestrating a career, achieving organizational goals, effective communication, the importance of strategic vision, and more.

Key Features:

  • Encompass nearly a decade of changes in healthcare since the first edition was published
  • Sensitive to the interface between nursing service and nursing education
  • Helps nurses at all career levels to embrace and develop leadership potential
  • Draws on the leadership expertise of an internationally recognized nurse scholar, pragmatist, and AAN awarded Living Legend
  • Presents real-life challenges and personal anecdotes

ISBN #: 9780826123893

Editor: A. Barron McBride