A Team Approach to Nursing Care Delivery

A Team Approach to Nursing Care Delivery

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Book, 218 pages, 2023

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A Team Approach to Nursing Care Delivery

The United States now has one of the most severe labor shortages ever experienced in nursing and healthcare. Staff turnover and vacancy rates have skyrocketed even in the best health systems. The current nursing care delivery models rely on the availability of many nurses and are unsustainable. The gap between the number of nurses needed to practice primary nursing and the number of nurses available cannot be effectively bridged even with a significant ramp-up in enrollments and certainly not in a cost-effective way.

This book, provides a roadmap of what to consider as you redesign care and rebuild teams. In an easy-to-read format, each chapter in this book includes stories of challenges and successes that leaders have shared about team-based care delivery and efforts to promote effective teamwork. Let this book be your toolkit and practical guide to fostering effective team-based care delivery regardless of your clinical setting. Topics covered include steps in care delivery redesign, teaching nurses to lead teams, and how to promote effective teamwork.

ISBN #: 9781732912724

Author: R. Sherman