Nursing Leadership During Crisis

Nursing Leadership During Crisis

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Book, 305 pages, 2023

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Nursing Leadership During Crisis

In times of crisis, like the Covid-19 pandemic, nurse leaders must act immediately but also effectively. Previous disasters, emergencies, and healthcare concerns have taught us distinct lessons and forced managers to adapt—but how do you become a successful leader while battling an extreme crisis that brings fluctuating information every day?

Nursing Leadership During Crisis guides nurse leaders from the Covid-19 pandemic to a mature perspective, integrating theoretical frameworks, ideals, processes, and reflections from those on the front lines. Drawing upon insights learned from the pandemic, authors Carolyn Miller Reilly, Barbara Kaplan, and Tim Porter-O'Grady provide tools for a lifelong journey of development and assimilation of attitudes, skills, and behaviors to help readers establish their own leadership persona and better prepare themselves for future crises.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Principles of Crisis Leadership
Chapter 2: Re-Envisioning Leadership Through the Lens of Diversity
Chapter 3: Development and Application of Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 4: Adaptability and Decision-Making
Chapter 5: Creativity and Innovation in a Time of Crisis
Chapter 6: Multifaceted Communication
Chapter 7: Teamwork and Collaboration
Chapter 8: Ensuring Continuity and Standardization During Rapid Change
Chapter 9: Coping, Resilience, and Posttraumatic Growth
Chapter 10: New Beginnings
Appendix A: Stories of Leadership in Crisis
Appendix B: Oral Consent Script for a Research Study
Appendix C: Questions for Mentor Interviews Regarding Crisis Leadership

ISBN #: 9781646480425

Authors: B. Kaplan, C. Miller Reilly, T. Porter-O'Grady