Visionary Leadership in Healthcare

Visionary Leadership in Healthcare

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Book, 602 pages, 2022

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Visionary Leadership in Healthcare

Awarded first place in the 2022 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Nursing Management and Leadership.

Visionary Leadership in Healthcare equips and empowers leaders to envision, expand, and transform the current healthcare system to achieve a global, life-sustaining perspective. Drawing on decades of experience, authors Holly Wei and Sara Horton-Deutsch embrace an evolved worldview as they call to move away from hierarchical leadership to more engaged, open, equitable, inclusive, authentic, and caring leadership styles.

This book provides an overview of leadership theories from ancient times to the present and a framework for applying emergent theories to develop adaptive, relational leaders. It also explores the factors necessary to create and sustain healthy workplace environments for patients and practitioners. Areas for innovation include:

• The evolution of leadership theories
• Disaster management
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Organizational culture and collaboration
• Policy change
• Political and social determinants of health

ISBN #: 9781646480210

Authors: H. Wei, S. Horton-Deutsch