Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Leader

Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Leader

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Book, 207 pages, 2020

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Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Leader

This unique, quick-access handbook delivers practice essentials for Clinical Nurse Leaders in all settings. Focusing on the broad responsibilities of the advanced clinicians in this growing field, this book provides evidence-based, step-by-step guidelines for incorporating the required CNL competencies into day-to-day practice.

This Fast Facts guide describes the principles of evidence-based practice, quality improvement processes, care transitions, and patient and nursing advocacy, while covering the complex environments that CNLs are expected to lead and manage. Additionally, tips are included for marketing the CNL role to facilitate change, advocate for Nursing and Populations, and disseminate your individual accomplishments to organizational leaders. Each chapter includes objectives, vignettes, case scenarios, and lessons learned based on the experiences of the authors.

ISBN #: 9780826174062

Authors: J. Wilcox , A. Deerhake