Critical Care Survival Guide

Critical Care Survival Guide

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Book, 239 pages, 2023

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Critical Care Survival Guide

The Critical Care Survival Guide is a concise bedside reference book with easy-to-access resources for anyone working in critical care regardless of experience level. The information is organized into charts and tables and breaks down complicated subjects into easily digestible information. Each section showcases "Survival Tips" designed to call out key information.

This 6" x 9" spiral-bound informative guide features 8-chapter tabs to help you quickly locate information on:

  • Invasive & non-invasive hemodynamics
  • Vasoactive infusions
  • Cardiac medications
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support (including IABP, Impella & ECMO)
  • CRRT troubleshooting
  • Blood products & IV fluids

ISBN #: 9798218171254

Author: N. Kupchik