Fast Facts for the Neonatal Nurse, 2nd Ed.

Fast Facts for the Neonatal Nurse, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 314 pages, 2020

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Fast Facts for the Neonatal Nurse, 2nd Ed.

This edition begins with a streamlined yet comprehensive review of normal newborn characteristics. With this foundation, chapters walk through a variety of common and uncommon newborn physiological changes to enable the neonatal nurse to detect any possible complications that warrant additional assessment.

This second edition provides more in-depth content on high-risk conditions to promote the safest, high-quality care to the entire neonatal patient population. Grounded in evidence-based practice, all chapters in this edition have been updated with the newest neonatal interventions and protocols.

Key Features:

  • Provides essential information for new neonatal nurses in concise, consistent, easy-to-use format
  • Contains crucial knowledge for comprehensive, holistic care for both low-risk and high-risk neonates and their families in all settings
  • Presents only evidence-based practice recommendations
  • Includes such features as Fast Facts Boxes and tables with easy-to-read lab values to reinforce information

ISBN #: 9780826184849

Author: M. Davidson