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The Power of Shared Vision - How to Cultivate Staff Commitment & Accountability

The Power of Shared Vision - How to Cultivate Staff Commitment & Accountability

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Book, 152 pages, 2015

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The Power of Shared Vision - How to Cultiveate Staff Commitment & Accountability

When employees help establish boundaries by agreeing to reasonable standards of conduct, they take responsibility and accept the consequences of their actions. This in turn creates a safe and secure work environment that is conducive to achievement. The alternative to establishing a culture of employee engagement and accountability is to accept mediocre performance, a litany of excuses, and a plethora of unhappy people who feel immune from the consequences of their actions. Without a strong belief system and an adherence to bedrock principles that are the foundation of all effective work teams, staff unity splits into disparate parts; different factions form as personal agendas get served and pettiness thrives.

Key Features:

Develop goals that unite people around a common cause and secure employee ownership of changes that improve the quality of their work.

Create a retribution-free communication environment where people can tell the manager what she needs to hear without fear of retribution. In turn, the manager will be able to help her team distinguish problems that can be solved from those work realities that are outside of her control.

Understand the reasons why some employees cannot or will not meet job-related expectations and what the manager can do to close the performance gap.

ISBN #: 9781886624924

Arthor: M. Cohen