Quick Reference to Critical Care, 6th Ed.

Quick Reference to Critical Care, 6th Ed.

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Book, 509 pages, 2020

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Quick Reference to Critical Care, 6th Ed.

Need to brush up on your ICU skills? New to ICU, or a veteran? Get immediate on-the-job answers, with the popular and fully updated Quick Reference to Critical Care, 6th Edition.

This indispensable pocket guide addresses a broad range of critical care patient topics, divided by body system and organized alphabetically within each chapter for quick access. Disease processes, disorders, medications, and titration, tests, lab results, formulas, ICU equipment and treatment strategies and goals are discussed. Each well-illustrated entry explains the latest evidence-based procedures and stabilization practices in a convenient, quick-read outline, making it the ideal quick reference for following proven protocols.

Table of Contents:

Neurologic System
Cardiovascular System
Pulmonary System
Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems
Renal System
Endocrine System
Hematologic and Immune Systems
Drugs, Doses, Tables

ISBN #: 9781975136833

Author: N. Diepenbrock