Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse, 2nd Ed.

Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 174 pages, 2019

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Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse, 2nd Ed.

This quick-access guide for critical care nurses covers the most common admitting diagnoses and reviews their causes, signs and symptoms, and interventions. Critical care nursing requires astute assessment, adept communication, and the ability to multitask, as well as a high degree of adaptability. In the ICU, patient status and plan of care change constantly, presenting multifaceted problems for nurses and healthcare providers. This authoritative resource, replete with bulleted, bite-size content, provides information to the busy ICU nurse in a heartbeat.

Key Features:

  • Chapter reorganization by body system
  • Updated to include newest treatment modalities
  • Speedy access to lab values and hemodynamic parameters
  • Normal lab values at chapter beginning for reader orientation

ISBN #: 9780826177162

Author: D. Hewett