The Only Neurology Book You'll Ever Need

The Only Neurology Book You'll Ever Need

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Book, 457 pages, 2022

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The Only Neurology Book You'll Ever Need

Clear and concise, The Only Neurology Book You'll Ever Need provides a straightforward and comprehensive overview of neurology. It covers all of the important neurologic diagnosis and management issues, along with clinically relevant anatomy and physiology. This new title is packed with full-color illustrations, real-world clinical scenarios, and up-to-date guidelines and recommendations —giving you all the practical advice you need to master the challenging world of neurology.

  • Features a lighthearted, lively writing style that is compelling and gets right to the heart of what you need to know.
  • Discusses the elements of the neurologic exam and what symptoms do and don’t suggest a neurologic disorder.
  • Covers key topics such as stroke, headache, concussion, dizziness, seizures,  dementia, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, and much more.
  • Abundant illustrations, charts, and tables, help you easily understand and retain complex material.
  • Ideal for medical students, medicine and neurology residents, nurses, and PAs, as well as any and all practitioners who need a concise, easy-to-read review of clinically- relevant neurology. This book covers everything you need for the medical student shelf exam in neurology.

ISBN #: 9781975158675

Authors: A. Thaler, M. Thaler