Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing

Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing

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Book, 144 pages, 2019

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A Beautiful Commemorative Edition

Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing - What It Is and What It Is Not

Be inspired by the timeless insights of the woman who created the foundations of modern nursing, with Florence Nightingale’s Notes On Nursing, the 160th Anniversary Edition.

Supported by essays from modern-day nurses, this still-relevant work offers concise, on-the-ground experience and breakthrough insights into the crucial elements of patient care. Each chapter brings to life Nightingale’s determination to advance the healthcare system of her time, empowering modern nursing professionals, educators, and students of all levels to establish their own crucial findings and innovations.

Table of Contents:

  • Notes on Nursing Introduction - Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
  • Reflections on Nightingale’s Message - Maureen Shawn Kennedy
  • Florence Nightingale - Constance B. Schuyler
  • A Palliative Care Perspective on Notes on Nursing - Betty R. Ferrell
  • Advanced Nursing Practice: Choosing Midwifery - Diane J. Angelini
  • The Honor of Being a Nurse - Kari Schmidt
  • The Importance of “Notes” in “Notes on Nursing” - Peggy L. Chinn
  • Inspired to Care - Rita H. Pickler
  • I’m a Nurse - Susan L. Bindon
  • Nightinlightenment: A Tribute to “Notes on Nursing” - Gloria F. Donnelly
  • Preparing for a Role as Nurse Educator - Marilyn H. Oermann
  • Thoughts on Nursing and My Mother - Leslie H. Nicoll
  • Notes on Nursing: Not Unlike the Lady With the Lamp - Anne Dabrow Woods
  • From Bedsores to Global Healthcare: Insights From Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing - Elizabeth A. Ayello
  • Babies Are the BEST Way to Start People - Jacqueline M. McGrath
  • The “&c.” of Nursing - Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner

ISBN: 9781975110253

Author: F. Nightingale