Fast Facts about LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses

Fast Facts about LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses

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Book, 195 pages, 2021

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Fast Facts about LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses

This pivotal resource―the first written specifically for nurses―focuses on the unique health needs and inequities affecting LGBTQ+ patients and discusses how to provide them with safe, respectful, and holistic care. This book helps nurses create inclusive environments and covers best practices and strategies for appropriate communication when obtaining patient history, performing an assessment, and delivering overall care. 

Key Features:

  • Fills a critical need in the nursing literature on providing safe and culturally competent care for LGBTQ+ patients
  • Features "Fast Facts" boxes and abundant case studies that highlight essential information
  • Covers developing and integrating LGBTQ+ content into nursing education
  • Demonstrate the importance of collecting gender identity in the electronic health record and other scenarios nurses are likely to encounter
  • Includes tips and guides to promote advocacy for the LBGTQ+ population

ISBN #: 9780826161512

Author: T. Traister