Self-Care for New and Student Nurses

Self-Care for New and Student Nurses

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Book, 519 pages, 2021

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Self-Care for New and Student Nurses

Awarded second place in the 2021 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Professional Development, Self-Care for New and Student Nurses is used at the nation’s #1 ranked nursing school.

Caring for ourselves lets us care for others at every stage of our career. Nursing is both one of the noblest professions and one of the most difficult. Yet managing a nurse’s personal well-being—which is vital to health and career success—may be last on the list of clinical and professional challenges to address. The authors help nurses move forward with wisdom and clarity of purpose by using every resource they can muster, including how to:

• Establish boundaries
• Develop a resilient mindset
• Spot stressors that lead to burnout
• Prioritize sleep, exercise, and nutrition
• Build a personal toolkit of self-care practices

ISBN #: 9781948057813

Authors: D. Fontaine, T. Cunningham, N. May