Self-Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness

Self-Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness

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Book, 216 pages, 2023

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Self-Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness

The term resilience often gets a bad rap, but the ability to take care of yourself during stressors remains key to creating a work environment where you can thrive.

Grounded in research and rich in expertise gleaned from fellow nurses and other practitioners across the healthcare spectrum, Self-Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness offers proven self-care strategies that can positively transform your relationship with work.

Key Features:

  • Over 30 science-based wellness practices that tend to your mind and body
  • Bite-sized exercises that apply the latest in self-care research
  • Relatable stories and helpful guidance from nurses and wellness experts that offer inspiration, camaraderie, and support for your challenging-yet-rewarding work as a nurse

Table of Contents:

Small Doses for Your Happiness and Health
It's Not What You Think
Burnout: Sound Familiar?
Rewire Your Brain for Resilience
What's Your Mindset?
Be a Flashlight
Pay Attention
Cultivate Your Appreciative Practices
Tend Your Emotional Garden
Choose Joy and Positivity
Exercise Gratitude
Change Your Question, Change Your Mind
Use Your Vision to Change Your Fate
Go to Your Safe and Happy Place
Cultivate Your Wisdom
Nourish Your Body and Hydrate
Evaluate Your Alcohol Consumption
Breathe Deeply
Move Your Body
Integrate a Life That Works With a Life That Counts
Make It a Good Place to Work
Take Care of Each Other
The Pause: When a Patient Dies
Mattering Matters
Put an End to Bullying and Incivility
Advocate for Yourself and Others
Lead From Where You Are

ISBN #: 9781646481019

Authors: N. May, T. Cunningham, D. Fontaine