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As hospitals across the country experience surges in patients with COVID-19, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the usual standards of care, requiring a shift to crisis standards of care. Nurses already grappling with intense challenges at the bedside due to the pandemic are facing staffing shortages and difficult triage or allocation decisions. We’ve compiled timely clinical, advocacy and well-being content to support the ever-changing needs of our community during this time.

Pulmonary, ARDS and Ventilator Online Course

The course is designed for nurses new to the ICU setting or for nurses who need a refresher. You will be immersed in real-world ICU scenarios throughout the free online and self-paced course offering up to 4.5 CE hours. The course is divided into four modules with bite-size assignments to build confidence for safe and effective practices for patients with COVID-19.

The course is designed for learners to choose assignments based on their needs:

  • Assessing and managing acute respiratory failure
  • Caring for patients on mechanical ventilation
  • Intubation, weaning and extubation
  • Analyzing ABGs and oxygen delivery
  • Accessing step-by-step procedures unique to the critical care environment, including how to suction, how to prone and ETT management (available courtesy of Elsevier Publishing Co.)

Micro-Credential: COVID-19 Pulmonary and Ventilator Care

Validate your knowledge to care for mechanically ventilated patients through our new micro-credential, based on the free course “COVID-19 Pulmonary, ARDS and Ventilator Resources.”

AACN’s Bold Voice and the Staffing Crisis

The sustained and extreme demands of the pandemic are causing nurses to move away from hospital settings in record numbers. AACN is working with leading organizations and government entities to find solutions and develop strategies that address the crisis in acute and critical care staffing.

Well-Being in Uncertain Times

AACN offers resources to help you consider your own well being at the same time you are providing exceptional care for your patients and their families. There are a range of AACN resources with topics of health and wellness that may be useful during times of stress or anxiety.

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COVID-19 Support Podcast Series

Coping with the changes and challenges COVID-19 brings affects us, as nurses, on many levels and in many ways. Our new podcast series features intimate conversations with guest nurses from around the country, whose COVID-19 experiences and insight help support, guide and inspire us.

Support for the Front Line

Relevant Resources

As you practice on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continually identify and curate the most relevant AACN resources that may help you in caring for these patients. The following resources — all of which are now free — address a variety of different aspects of the disease, and they are sorted for you to explore.

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