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Clinical Resources: Treating Complex Pediatric Cases

Across the United States, children’s hospitals are seeing a surge in RSV cases, which is severely straining their capacity. As in other times of crisis, hospitals are calling upon nurses to go above and beyond. Nurses who don’t typically care for pediatric patients with complex needs are being asked to handle the influx of sick children. We’ve compiled timely clinical, advocacy and well-being content to support the needs of our community as we face the added stress on nurses and the healthcare system.

AACN Online Community - Engage With Your Peers

Ask questions, share pediatric care tips and other resources, and learn from your nursing colleagues in AACN’s growing network of online community spaces.

Learn From Leaders: Coping in a Crisis

Coping with the challenges of an overburdened healthcare system affects nurses on many levels and in many ways. Our podcasts feature intimate conversations with guest nurses from around the country whose experiences, during COVID-19 and other situations, offer insight and support.

Nurse Wellness During Stressful Times

AACN offers resources to help you consider your own well-being at the same time you are providing exceptional care for patients and families. The range of AACN resources on topics of health and wellness may be useful during times of stress or anxiety.

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