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Adult CCRN Certification Review Course: Group Participant Package

Adult CCRN Certification Review Course: Group Participant Package

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Book, 230 pages, 2020

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Adult CCRN Certification Review Course: Group Participant Package

Boost the test-taking confidence of your nurses seeking acute/critical care specialty certification with this learning supplement to AACN’s Adult CCRN Certification Review Course disc for institutions.

Product Overview

Our printed Group Participant Package booklet is an individual learning tool designed to support learners taking the Adult CCRN review course through your institution. Purchased separately for each learner, the package complements the course’s recorded content, providing:

  • Presentation printouts for note taking and studying, coordinated with the recorded content
  • Access to all 89 practice questions included in the review course
  • A form the learner completes and submits at the end of the course to obtain CE hours

Please note: The Group Participant Package booklet references the former CCRN-E and CCRN-K credential titles, which are now CCRN – Tele-critical Care Pathway and CCRN – Knowledge Professional Pathway, respectively. This does not impact the relevance of the Group Participant Package content.

Group Participant Packages may be purchased in bulk for additional savings:

  • 10-50 10% off
  • 51-99 15% off
  • 100+ 20% off

Group Participant Packages are copyright protected and may not be duplicated.


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