Plan the Orientation Journey Using ECCO

Evaluate your orientation needs using our helpful downloadable self-assessment tool. AACN recommends collaboration with nurse managers and preceptors of units where new nurses are hired, to help identify the most important content for those units.

Download the full Orientation Plan Self-Assessment Tool PDF

Sample Questions to Consider ...

Unique Needs
What is unique to your hospital or unit that your nurses need right now?
Blended Learning
What types of instructor-led blended offerings are scheduled?
Use of Preceptors
How are preceptors involved in providing education and evaluation of novice nurses?
Learning or Completion Incentives
Are there incentives for successfully completing all orientation activities by the conclusion of a probationary evaluation?

Become Familiar With ECCO for Educators

ECCO is an interactive, case-based, comprehensive source for the didactic content trusted by more than 1,100 facilities in the United States and Canada to orient nurses new to progressive and critical care.

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ECCO Implementation Scenarios

The following ECCO implementation scenarios will help you determine a course of action best suited to meet your specific orientation needs.
Scenario 1

Nurse starts with a preceptor and begins ECCO two to six months after hire

Scenarios 2-5

Partial completion of ECCO during orientation phase, with full completion prior to the end of the probationary period

  • Nurse completes some modules as part of orientation and other modules prior to the end of probationary evaluation
    Completion Time: ICU 52.33 hours, PCU 49.21 hours
  • Assigning topics from modules to support the blended learning activity of the week
    Completion Time: Up to 21.53 hours for ICU or 20.1 hours for PCU
  • Large health system with multiple sites for orientation divided in two parts
    Completion Time: Part 1 (ICU 42.63 hours, PCU 35.42 hours) and Part 2 (ICU 28.51 & PCU 23.79 hours)
  • Nurses in 250-bed community hospital complete portions of ICU track for cross-training purposes
    Completion Time: ICU 33.03 hours & PCU 26.53
Scenarios 6-8

Full ECCO completion during the orientation period

  • Union hospital, 11-week timeframe for multidisciplinary learners
    Completion Time: ICU Track 68.1-75.45 hours, PCU Track 65.17-67.72 hours
  • Nonprofit community hospital, 16-week orientation with 18 weeks for ECCO completion
    Completion Time: 75.45 or 67.72 hours over 18 weeks = average of 4.19 hours (ICU) or 3.76 hours (PCU) per week for ECCO
  • Long-term acute care hospital, ICU track module completion over 7-week period for nurses hired to LTACH ICU.
    Completion Hours: 75.45 hours

AACN offers the following resources:

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